Many people suffer with nasal obstruction. Blockage is not always due to polyps or a septal deviation and may persist despite routine septal surgery. Weakening of the front part of the nose, called the nasal valve, may be contributing to chronic nasal airflow complaints. Patients may notice their noses collapse with breathing in. Also, breathing is easier when they perform the Cottle Maneuver they pull their cheek to the side.

New technology from Aerin Medical ( offers patients with this type of nasal stuffiness an in-office, noninvasive procedure, which allows patients to avoid general anesthetics and extensive time away from work and family.

If your complaints persist after septoplasty, rhinoplasty, or go unrelieved by allergy treatment, you may be a candidate for this procedure. Copy this link ( into your search engine to learn more.

This 15 to 20 minute procedure is performed in the office using topical and local anesthetics. Reserve some time with Dr. Brandeisky at, or call (732) 458-8575 for an appointment.

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