If you suffer from sneezing and a runny/itchy nose due to ragweed pollen allergies, and are between the ages of 18 and 65, Ragwitek may be for you. Ragwitek is a prescription sublingual immunotherapy medicine that will also help combat a stuffy and congested nose, and itchy/watery eyes. The medication is started 12 weeks prior to and continued until the end of ragweed season. Ragweed allergy sufferers should consider having a consultation regarding Ragwitek the summer prior to the start of ragweed season, which generally begins early to mid-August our earlier.

Identifying Symptoms and Managing Your Allergies

When you breathe in ragweed pollen, your immune system reacts with preformed IgE on the surface of mast cells triggering release of histamine and the formation of other inflammatory chemicals. This allergic reaction can aggravate asthma and complicate other allergy related conditions, but this basic reaction is most commonly responsible for your stuffy and runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes, and potentially symptoms of sinus pressure and headache.

You can help Dr. Brandeisky identify whether or not you are allergic to ragweed pollen and other antigens by taking note of when and where you experience such symptoms. Inaccurate history will help determine whether or not allergy testing is appropriate.

Treatment Options

Similar to the way people react differently to assorted allergens, they react differently to medications and treatments as well. This is where the benefit of choice comes in for treatment of those allergens.

Symptom-relieving medication: While having an allergic reaction, the immune system released chemicals (i.e.: histamine) responsible for your symptoms. Medications in the form of pills, eye drops and nasal sprays are designed to block these chemicals from causing symptoms. If medications do not work immunotherapy is recommended.

Immunotherapy: Known to physicians as SCIT or subcutaneous immunotherapy, an ‘allergy shot’ is designed to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms as you receive small amounts of the allergen over time. The serums used in performing your allergy test are also used to make a serum to treat your allergies. This helps your immune system build tolerance to specific allergens over time to change the way it reacts. Sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT can be compounded from multiple allergens to achieve the same effect as shots. Ragwitek is a single antigen, single dose, sublingual immunotherapy that can be used to treat your single-season ragweed allergy. Both forms of sublingual therapy are used as a single a daily dose conveniently and safely at home.

Ragwitek Works

Tested in clinical studies of adults with a history of ragweed allergy symptoms throughout a ragweed pollen season (at times with the highest pollen count), Ragwitek proves its ability to strengthen immunity against these allergens.

Always consult Dr. Brandeisky before taking interest in treatments to be sure they are right for you. Contact Dr. Brandeisky about Ragwitek or Grastek today.  Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for updates.

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