Suffering from grass pollen allergies that cause a runny, itchy, stuffy and congested nose? How about facial pain and pressure, itchy, watery eyes and sneezing? Talk to Dr. Brandeisky about Grastek. If you’re between the ages of 5 and 65 and are allergic to Timothy grass pollen, this grass allergen sublingual (under the tongue) immunotherapy may be for you.

Grastek is taken for about 12 weeks before the grass pollen season and throughout. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of Grastek’s lasting effect is that it can be taken daily for three years and will ‘provide a sustained effect for a fourth year in which you do not have to take’ it.

Allergens, Your Symptoms and the Process of a Reaction

When you suffer from allergies, a substance in the environment called an antigen stimulates a chain reaction that releases histamine and other inflammatory chemicals into you system causing itching sneezing and congestion among other symptoms. In the case of grass allergy, your symptoms are the result of grass pollen antigen reacting with your immune system in this way.

You can help Dr. Brandeisky identify whether or not you are allergic to grass pollen by taking note of when and where you experience such symptoms. A thorough history and physical will allow Dr. Brandeisky to have blood or skin tests performed which can confirm allergy to grasses as well as other important local antigens.

Treatment Options

Just like people react in different ways to assorted allergens, they react differently to medications and treatments as well. This is where the benefit of choice comes in for treatment of those allergens.

  • Symptom-relieving medication: While having an allergic reaction, the immune system released chemicals (ie: histamine) responsible for your symptoms. Medications in the form of pills, eye drops and nasal sprays are often responsible for and designed to block these chemicals.
  • Immunotherapy: Commonly known and given as ‘allergy shots,’ immunotherapy is designed to treat the underlying cause of your symptoms as you receive small amounts of the allergen over time. This helps your immune system build tolerance to specific allergens over time to change the way it reacts. (Grastek can be applied as a daily dose of immunotherapy that will help you build that tolerance towards grass pollen.)If you are in need of a ragweed pollen allergy treatment, read more about Ragwitek. To talk to Dr. Brandeisky about Grastek or Ragwitek today, contact him. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for updates..

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