Remote medical care assisted by modern telecommunication technologies has been utilized for a number of years in rural settings to offer care to people whose lives keep them from their healthcare providers.It has been anticipated the United States will suffer a severe healthcare provider shortage over the next decade, with a 90,000-physician shortfall by 2025. The COVID-19 has provided an immediate need for telemedicine and has catalyzed a revolution in healthcare through the rapid adaptation of telehealth by physicians and health systems throughout the country.

This pandemic puts everyone at risk for carrying the infection, contracting the disease and possibly developing severe life threatening illness and causing it in others. Dr. Brandeisky believes patients should seek care via telehealth when possible to minimize risks to themselves and their families and offers TeleENT visits to those seeking remote care. Simply call the office to check his availability and make an appointment.

Dr. Brandeisky encourages everyone to keep up with the latest CDC recommendations on virus containment and to remain sensitive to the needs of others with whom we share our homes, our neighborhoods and our workplaces.

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