The fall allergy season will be here soon. Ragweed is a major allergen in our area during the late summer and fall seasons, typically becoming less problematic after a hard frost. Late summer is also a time for grass allergies to increase.

If you are noticing eye irritation, runny nose associated with itching and sneezing, or throat symptoms such as itching and scratching, you may be sensitive to these allergens.

Over-the-counter medications such as non-sedating antihistamines for itching and sneezing symptoms, and nasal steroid sprays (fluticasone) for nasal stuffiness in combination with nasal and ocular saline irrigations may help control symptoms significantly.

Additional precautions against allergy exacerbation include changing your HVAC system’s filter monthly, taking off outer clothing before entering the main living quarters, and bathing pets that enjoy the outdoors. Keeping your windows closed during these times of high pollen in favor of air conditioning also be of benefit.

However, if significant nasal and sinus complaints persist, consider following up for an allergy workup. If you are in need of evaluation of allergy symptoms, sinusitis complaints, or reinstitution of allergy shots please schedule an appointment to see Dr. Brandeisky at your earliest convenience.

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